Non-immigrant and immigrant visa

There are two main categories of visas and these are non-immigrant visas and immigrant visas. You might have heard the names but not really sure of the meanings.

Non-immigrant visas are visas that are issued to foreign nationals who intend to travel to a host country for temporal purposes. There are many types of visas available within the non-immigrant category, which covers a broad variety of reasons why someone may travel to a different country. For example, people may travel with a tourist visa for vacation purposes and business visas for business purposes.

Immigrant visas are visas that are issued to foreign nationals who intend to travel to the host country to live and work permanently and are generally on a path to citizenship. Almost all the immigrant applicants are beneficiary of an immigrant petition. Immigrant applicants can obtain this type of visa when your family member such as your parents, spouse and children file for petition from the immigration services, or refugees who are stateless apply for asylum to reside in the host country permanently or your employer sponsor you to work and live in the host country. It is of this special reasons that’s why a person may be granted an immigrant visa.

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