A Guide To Fill Australia Visa Application Forms

Before you fill the application forms, ensure that you have your passport and other relevant documents and information with you before you start the application. This is because, most of the questions asked will require your “passport and relevant docs” to answer.

Moreover, ensure that you write down your username and password to be able to log back in to continue your application, should in case you are not able to complete your application.

You must fill the application forms in English because the visa officer will assess your visa application forms in English. Your visa will be denied if you fail to do so.

1. Create an ImmiAccount

The first step is to create an ImmiAccount in order to login. An ImmiAccount simply means your username and password.

2. Sign in to your ImmiAccount

The next step is to sign in to your ImmiAccount in order to start your visa application.

3. Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to continue your application to the next stage.

4. Current Location

If you are applying outside Australia, you must give your current location and legal status at the location you are applying from.

5. Purpose of Stay

Select among the options the purpose of your visit to Australia. You also have the opportunity to give all reasons for the purpose of your visit. This means that you can select more than one reason why you traveling to Australia.

6. Is This Application Being lodged as Part of a Group of Application?

Answer with “yes or no”. If yes, you must select or give a group name.

7. Is The Applicant Traveling as a Representative?

Answer with “yes or no”. If yes, select the special category of entry among the options that best suit you.

8. Passport Details

You are required to enter full passport details as they appear in the applicants passport in the spaces below. Open your passport and enter in all answers to the questions asked. This include your name, date of birth, sex, passport number, citizenship etc.

9. Critical Data Confirmation

You are required to confirm that the information you’ve provided is correct and with no mistakes.

10. Are there any other persons traveling with the applicant to Australia?

Answer with “yes or no”. If yes, give the person’s name, date of birth and relationship status.

11. Contact Details

You must give full contact details including country of residence, Department Office/Embassy to be interview, residence address, phone number, postal address and email address. Austrian Department Office/Embassy is not located in all countries, so therefore, you must select your nearest country to attend the interview if possible.

12. Authorized Recipient

Do you authorize another person to receive written correspondence on your behalf? If yes, then you must give the person’s contact detail.

13. Non-accompanying family members?

Do you have any family members who are not traveling with you to Australia? If yes, you must give names, date of births and relationship status.

14. Proposed Period of Stay

If you the applicant plan to stay for a longer time or visit multiple times, you must select the longest period of stay in Australia which is 12 months. You must give details of your planned arrival and departure dates. If you know each dates of entry for each occasions after first entry, you must give reasons and dates of arrival and departure. If you don’t know the dates you visiting after your first entry, you must give reasons.

15. Study While in Australia

If you plan to study while you are in Australia, you must give full details of the course name, institution name, beginning date and ending date. You must also know that you are allowed to study for a maximum of 3 months.

16. Relatives/Friends in Australia

If you will be visiting friends or relatives in Australia, you must give details of their names, date of births and relationship status.

17. Occupation Status

Select your occupation status and give full details including organization name, address, telephone number, email etc.

18. Financial Details

Give details of how your trip will be funded. If is sponsored by other persons other than self, you must give their full details and the type of support they will be providing.

19. Health Declaration

If you intend to visit Austrian hospital for treatment, study to be a doctor, dentist or nurse and has any sickness you must give full details in the spaces provided below.

20. Character Declarations

If you answer “yes” to any of the character declarations, you must give all relevant details. For combined applications, state which applicant the declaration applies to. If the matter relates to criminal convictions, provide the date and nature of the offense, full details of the sentence, dates of any period of imprisonment or other detention.

21. Visa History

If you hold a current visa to Australia or any other country, you must give details. Give details of countries who have refused or canceled your visa or countries deported you from their country.

22. Declarations

You must give consent to their terms and conditions by clicking yes to all questions. And you must understand that any false and misleading information provided is a serious offense.

23. Review Page

You need to check that all information provided is correct before you submit your application.

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