A Guide To Fill UK Visa Application Forms

The UK online visa application forms must be filled in English. You can read the questions in a different language, but ensure you answer in English. The English version of the questions will be used to assess your application.

If you are inactive for 25 minutes you will be automatically logged out and you must start your application from the beginning. You will be able to save your application and come back to it if you get busy. Write down your email address and password so that, you can log back to continue your application at a later date.

1. Select Language

The first step is to select your language you will use to fill the application forms. As I explained above, “you can read the questions in different language but ensure all your answers are in English because the English version is what they will use to assess your application.

2. Select a Country

You are required to select a country in which you are making your application and wish to provide your biometrics. You must select a country you are living in legally. For example, your home country or a country you’ve been issued with a resident permit to reside there legally.

3. Biometric Location

You have to check available biometric enrollment location for your country of application. If you select a country where there is no available biometric enrollment location, then you will be redirected to another country. If is difficult to travel to the redirected country, then you can change the country you will be taking your biometrics. Once you submit the application, you cannot change the location anymore, so is advisable to check if there is available biometric location in your country of application.

4. Start Now

Now you are about to start your application. To begin, click the “start button”.

5. Email and Password Registration

Register an email and password so you can save your answers as well as to return back to your application later. You will be emailed a link to let you log back in to your application later if needed.

6. Who does this email belongs to?

Answer by ticking “you or someone else”.

7. Do you have another email address?

Answer by ticking “yes or no”. If yes, provide your other email address.

8. Telephone Number

Provide your telephone number, and select where you use the number, either in the UK or outside the UK.

9. Do you have other telephone number?

Answer by ticking “yes or no”. If yes, provide other telephone number.

10. Are you able to be contacted by telephone?

Answer by ticking one of the options that best suite you.

11. Name

Write the given name(s) and surname as indicated in your passport. For example: my full name is Samuel Asare Gyapong. Samuel is my first name, Asare is my middle name and Gyapong is my surname. So my given names are “Samuel Asare” and my surname is Gyapong.

12. Gender and Relationship Status

Answer your gender by ticking either “Male or Female or unspecified. Provide this details as shown in you passport. Tick one of the options that best suite your relationship status.

13. Address

Provide your address including the street name, city, postal code and country. If your address is not your correspondent address, you must provide your correspondent address.

14. How long have you lived at this address?

Give details of how long you’ve lived at this address. And the ownership status of the property.

15. Passport

Give details of your passport number, issuing authority, issue date, expire date.

16. Identity Card

If you have an identity card provide the card number.

17. Nationality/Place of birth/Date of birth

Provide details of your nationality, date of birth and place of birth as indicated in your passport.

18. Other Nationality

You must provide all nationality you currently hold or have held.

19. Your Employment Status

You can select more than one option that best suit you.

20. Details of Employer/University

Provide employer/university name, address, telephone number and date you started working/studying with this organization.

21. Job Title/Education program

Provide job title/ education program, how much you earn every month after tax and description of job.

22. Do you have other income or savings?

Tick whether you have other income or savings. You can tick both. If you have other income, state what type of other income you have and the amount. E.g. pension, investment etc.

23. Cost of visit

State the total amount of money you planned to spend on your trip to the UK. Include flights, accommodation, visa fees and everyday expenses. If someone is paying for your trip, you are still required to state the total amount you planned to spend. You will be asked to provide details of the person later in the application.

24. What is the total amount of money you spend each month?

Include living cost, money given to dependents, rent and any other costs.

25. Anyone paying for your trip?

This include any costs being payed by your employer, or if you are given money. Answer by ticking “yes or no”. If is yes, tick among the options your relationship status with the person, give details of the name and address of the person/organization, state how much the person is paying towards your trip, and why they are helping to to pay for you trip.

26. Your Planned Travel Information.

Give the dates you plan to arrive and depart from the UK.

27. Spoken Language Preference

You must select either English or other. If other, specify.

28. Main Reason For Your Visit

Select among the options the main reason for your visit.

29. Activities

Give full details of any activities you plan to do in the UK.

30. Current Partner Details

Use your partners passport, if they have one, to give full detail about their name, passport number, date of birth, and nationality.

31. Does anyone rely on you for financial support?

Answer by ticking “yes or no”. If yes, give details about them.

32. Details about your parents

Give their names, date of birth and nationality as indicated in their passport.

33. Do you have any family in the UK?

If yes, give full details about them.

34. Traveling as part of an organized group?

If yes, give organization name.

35. Traveling with another person?

If yes, give name, nationality and relationship status.

36. Do you have address for where you are going to stay in the UK?

If yes, give name, address and telephone number of where you will be staying. If no, give details of where you plan to stay.

37. Have you been to the UK in the past 10 years?

If yes, state the number of how many times you’ve been in the UK.

40. Have you traveled to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, or EEA?

Select the options that best suit you.

41. Have you traveled to any other countries in the past 10years?

If yes, state the countries and how many times you been there.

42. Immigration History

Give details of your immigration history by answer yes or no to all the questions and ticking which options best suit you with your immigration problems

43. War Crimes

You must read all information about war crimes before answering. Answer by ticking “yes or no”. If yes, give full details of your involvement.

44. Terrorist activities

Answer all questions under this section by ticking the one best suit you.

45. Extremist Organizations

Answer all questions under this section by ticking the one that best suit you.

46 Person of Good Character

Tick all answers that best suit you.

47. Work History

Tick the answer that best suit you

48. Additional Information

If you have any additonal information about your application, you must write it inside the box provided in this section.

49. Check Answers

At this point, you have the opportunity to go through you application to check your answers before you submit.

50. Mandatory Documents

You are required to tick that you will submit your passport with the application.

51. Declaration

You are required to confirm that you understand and accept the conditions. And you are above 18 or you are the parent or legal guardian.

52. Pay/Submit/Print

The last stage is to pay the visa fee and submit the application forms and print a copy.

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