Step By Step Guide To Study Abroad

Applying to foreign universities is very challenging for students who want to study abroad. Especially, if you have no idea about the application procedure, documentations, and visa requirement needed in order to study abroad. Don’t worry, I have developed a step by step guide to make your study abroad process a little bit easier.

University admission process is different in every country and therefore, there is no specific procedure to follow when making your application. However, there are general rules you must follow and other relevant information you must know to help you gain admission.



The first step is to select the country(s) where you want to study. You need to understand that you will be moving from your home country to another country to study, so deciding on which country you want to study makes it easier for you to plan and make better decision. If you are finding it difficult to select a country, then you might do a little research about the kind of universities you would like to study there. Your decision can be based on “the best universities in the world, popular universities, colleges who don’t require higher grades and so on”. Base on your preference, it can help you make the right decision where you want to study.



Now you know the destination where you want to study, the next thing is to select your study program/course. Some people already know what they want to study and others do not. If you are not really sure of what you want to study, you can browse the list of universities/colleges at your preferred destination and go through their programs/courses to select what fit you best. Ensure that you take into consideration your grades or experience before selecting your study program/course. Because every program/course have a grade or experience requirement you must meet in order to gain admission. Whiles you browse the universities and their programs/courses, also ensure you check the grade /experience requirement for your study preference.



After selecting your preferred program/course and university, the next step is to check the other requirements and deadlines. If the information on the website is insufficient contact the university for more information. The general admission requirements for most universities around the world include: grade or experience requirement (you must check you meet this requirement before choosing the program/course), IELTS or TOEFL test requirement (English test requirement if your first language is not English), Translation of your documents to English if your docs are in a different language (i.e. transcript, certificates and other relevant documents they might require from you), a recommendation letter from your boss or teacher and a motivation letter from you. It is important you check the deadlines so you don’t miss the admissions or entry examination.



After you have been through all this process: selecting your study destination, selecting your program and university and checking all requirements and deadlines, now you are ready to apply to the university. Most universities have design an online application platform that makes it easier for students to apply online and submit all their documents online. Applying electronically is faster and less expensive than posting it. And if you don’t post it on time, you risk missing the deadline. Once the university receives the application it will be assessed and they will notify you the results when is ready. It normally takes couple of weeks or months. After applying to the university, don’t sit down and wait, apply to scholarships online or at the same university you apply at. So that, you can receive study support throughout your education.



If your application is successful, you will receive a study offer and an acceptance letter from the university. If you applied to a lot of universities and you received a study offer, is up to you to decide which university you want to study at.

If you didn’t get a study place, don’t give up, start to apply for new programs at new universities. This time do your research very well in order to select the programs/courses and university that match with your grades and experience. Good luck.



Before you start your student visa application, ensure that you scroll up to learn more about the visa information in this book before you take any action.

Every embassy has a special requirement when applying for student visa, so you must visit the embassy website to check the exact requirement. The most important thing the embassies look at is your ability to finance yourself. One of these is enough: Scholarship, enough savings to support yourself and sponsorship from a third part. Moreover, you will need a prove of acceptance and invitation letter from the university. Go through the interview questions and answers in this book to get yourself prepared for the interview. Good luck.



Congratulations, is time for the exciting part. Now you are ready to take off and enjoy your new adventure. This time there is a lot to think about, booking your flights, accommodation, bank account, applying for your residence permit, insurance and learn language. Prepare yourself very well so you don’t find yourself in a stressful situation when you get there. You can also contact the university advisers and they will help you with any information needed before making your journey. Enjoy your trip and ensure you achieve your goals.

I hope this information serves you well.

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