Visa Interview Questions and Answers

A visa interview isn’t only about submitting your visa application documents to a visa officer of a respective country. A visa interview is intended for a more in depth communication between you the visa applicant and the visa officer. An embassy or consulate seeks that by asking a visa applicant detailed-oriented questions will help them determine whether the visa applicant worth given a visa. Visa interview is an opportunity for you to prove to the visa officer that you are worth given the visa. It gives you the opportunity to convince and leave the visa officer with no doubt. Some embassies do not conduct visa interviews. They only require you to submit your documents and take photograph and fingerprint whiles others require a visa interview.

According to schengenvisainfo (2016), candidate does not get questioned solely about the provided information in the visa application form and its supporting documents. There are other particular questions, sometimes even unusually personal, that the visa officer questions the candidate. This for the fact that the visa officer wants to absolutely make sure the visa holder will return home within the expected time, and that will not be prone to illegal activities within the host country.

Q1. Why do you want to travel to the host country(e.g. US, Canada, Ghana)?

State the exact purpose of your travel e.g. for tourism, studies, work etc.

For tourism purposes and to visit my parents/son/spouse/girlfriend. I want to visit places such as Chicago, London bridge, Niagara fall, Boti falls etc. If possible I will also want to visit Cape Coast castle and Las Vegas.

Q2. Why do you want to visit at this time ?

Because I’m on work/study leave. My spouse/daughter/dad has arranged for his/her leave from work during this time frame. We are planning to visit the host country in the summer months when the weather will be good for tourism. Also, I want to visit the host country before I get old, so that I can enjoy all the tourist places.

Q3. How long will you stay in the host country?

I will stay for 3 months/6 months/ 1 year. Starting from 1/1/2019 to 31/03/2019. Ensure that you say exactly how long you will be staying and the date of arrival in the host country and departure from the host country.

Q4. Why do you want 3/6 months visa?

There is a lot to see and we can’t visit many places in a hurry. Moreover, my son/daughter/spouse/parents cannot take leave from work for a long period at one time. Also, is been a long time I’ve seen my spouse/parents/child so I want to spend enough time with him/her. Furthermore, I would like to experience different seasons here in the UK/US/India etc. But a short visa would also be acceptable if you feel that is appropriate.

Q5. Where will you stay in the host country?

Give them the exact address where you will be stay. It can be your family address, hotel address, hostel address, company address, university address etc.

At XYZ street, number YX, City, State, zip. Give them the same address you provided on the visa application form.

Q6. Are you sponsoring you trip or is someone sponsoring your trip?

If you are sponsoring your trip you need to have your bank statement and pay slip to show to the visa officer that you have enough funds to sponsor yourself. If you are sponsored by another person, you need to have their bank statement and payslips to prove they have enough funds to sponsor you. Give the names of the person sponsoring you and what they do for a living. Prove to the visa officer how you are related to the person paying for your trip.

Q7. Background information of the person inviting you

You need to know everything about the person inviting you before attending the interview because they will ask you questions about the person. Their names, date of birth, profession, their children, their address, contact details, city they live, how you are related to them, why they are paying for your trip, the last time you meet them, how long they’ve been living in the host country, what is their legal status? Citizen or permanent resident or temporal resident, how much he/she earn per year, work place, etc.

Q8. Do you have relatives in the country?

Answer with yes/no.

Q9. Have you traveled internationally?

If yes, you state where you traveled to. State all the countries you’ve traveled to and prove with the visas or stamps in your passport. Ensure you go with your old passports if the visas or stamps are in them.

Q10. Are you traveling with someone else?

Answer simply with yes or no. Also, be sure to clarify the relationship you have with the person accompanying you in the trip.

Q11. Do you have a covered health insurance for this journey?

Some countries require you to have travel health insurance before you travel whiles others do not. If is required, you are suppose to submit it with all the other documents to the embassy. If you’re been asked, provide the evidence of the travel health insurance for the period of your stay in the host country to the visa officer.

Q12. Do you have a job leave approval from your employer?

If you are an employee, is a must to have an evidence of a leave letter from your employer which is signed, dated and stamped. You answer with yes, and provide this document to the visa officer. If your answer is no. is worthless to explain the reason why you don’t have it with you because is a requirement to submit it as a prove of employment.

Q13. Do you have children? If yes, how old are they? What do they do?

Sometimes is difficult to remember all their dates of birth, job titles, name of their universities/schools. Is very important you prepare yourself and memorize them before the interview.

Q14. What is the names and dates of birth of your parents?

Is easy to recall the names but most at times, people forget the dates of birth of their parents, especially when they are too old. Is important you prepare and memorize them before your interview.

Q15. Do you have any relative or any known person studying in this university?

If you are seeking for a student visa, you have to declare the names and relationship with the relatives or friends that are currently studying in the university you have been admitted to study (if there is any).

Q16. Do you plan to pursue masters or doctoral studies after your Bachelor’s degree?

Express your concern regarding your current bachelor studies, but mention that there might exit the possibility to consider this opportunity in the long-term future.

Q17. How did you hear about the university?

Answer honestly how you heard about the university. For example, on the internet, friend, family, university website etc.

Q18. Did you apply to other universities and in which, also did you get admitted into other universities?

If you will agree with me, state only the universities you got admission to and why you chose to study at this university.

Q19. Have you booked your flight/hotel reservation?

Some embassies require you to book flight/hotel reservation whiles others do not require for it. If is required, you answer simply with yes, and show with evidence of the reservation tickets.

Q20. How do we know you will return to your home country?

You have to explain to the visa officer your important relationship with your spouse, children, parents as well as your educational/professional/personal affiliations in your home country that gives you reasons to return back home.

Q21. How many siblings do you have, what are their names and date of births?

This question is asked most at times either on the application forms or during the interview. State how many siblings you have, their names and date of birth. Make sure you prepare and memorize this information before your visa interview.

Q22. How long have you been working in this company?

The visa officer ask this question because they want to be sure you’ve worked there for a longer period and you are not leaving the company to over stay/remain in the host country and you will return back home to continue your work. Your job becomes your strong ties back home. Always ensure that, you have worked a little bit longer in your company before you apply for a visa in order to prevent any visa refusal.

Q23. How many employees do you have?

As an employee, you state the exact number of employees in the company. As a self employed, you state the exact number of employees you have employed in you company.

Q24. How much is your salary or how much do your earn?

As an employee, you state the net monthly salary you earn and prove with you pay slip or bank statement showing you salary. As a self employed, you state the annual earnings with proof.

Q25. How much will this journey cost?

Your calculations should include all cost before and after your arrival in the host country as well as costs to return back home. All these calculations must be done before your interview so you can give the visa officer the exact amount you plan to spend. You must also prove with your bank statement you have sufficient means to cater for such cost.

Q26. Do you pay income tax

Yes is the answer the visa officer wants to hear from you. Additionally, you might provide evidence to that. Show you are a responsible citizen.

Q27. Why do you want to work in the host country?

For global exposure and a better salary

Q28. What are your qualifications?

E.g., Bachelor’s degree in Mechanic Engineering, Business Management

Q29. How did you come to know about this company?

Answer appropriately and accurately. E.g. I found this company when I was searching online for employer’s in this country, recruitment websites, Linkedin etc.

Q30. What is the name of the company you are going to work for?


Q31. Have you verified whether VVVV is a legitimate company in the country? How do you know?

Answer appropriately. You can contact the Tax Authority and Registrar General in that country to verify if the company is legitimate.

Q32. Briefly describe your sponsoring employer company?

Answer appropriately. Ensure you read about the company before the interview so you are well prepared to answer this question.

Q33. What does your sponsoring employer do?

Briefly describe the activities that your sponsoring employer is involved with: Management consulting, production of printer inks etc.

Q34. For how many years has your sponsoring employer been in business?

Answer appropriately. After reading about the company, I think this question will be easy to answer.

Q35. What is the annual turnover of the employer?

Answer appropriately if you know. Otherwise, just say you don’t know.

Q36 When was the interview conducted? And how was the interview conducted?

Answer appropriately how it was conducted and when.

Q37. What kind of work are you going to be doing?

Describe your duties

Q38. How will you manage your expenses before you get your first pay check?

The employer is going to provide accommodation and food. Or I’m taking the money I saved from my current job with me. Or my employer will loan me money.

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