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I’m going to share with you how to make about $100 daily at home. This strategy is fast and easy way that anybody could do and make money. Even if you have a job and you still need a side income, this could be great for you.

The best strategy to make money right now is to be A BETA TESTER. What this means is that you get paid for testing other company products, services, apps and giving them feedback. Big companies make products and are looking for people to test it and get paid.

So today I’m gonna show you the platforms you can test products and make cool cash.

The first platform is called “User Testing”. And this is how this platform works:

1. You sign up for User testing account

2. Take tests and give feedback on the products that you love and use today.

3. Get paid. You earn $10 for every 20 minutes test you complete and even more for interviews.

The next platform is TRY MY UI

On this platform you get paid by testing websites and apps and giving your honest feedback. You will be paid $10 for every test you take. And a typical test last for approximately 20 mins. You sign up by providing your full name, paypal email (Payment are made via PayPal so ensure you create a PayPal account and provide your PayPal email for payment) and password.

If you can earn $10 every 20 mins:

then if you can work for 1hr you can earn ($10 x 60mins= $30)

2hrs( $10 x 120mins =$60)

3hrs( $10 x 180mins = $90)

4hrs( $10 x 240mins = $120)

Base on the calculation, you can earn $120 every 4 hours. That means that if you can work for more hours a day then you can end up with a lot of money in a day. You can even earn more than $10 for every test, if you take interviews too.

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